Relations with scientific entities, institutional entities and private organisations.

Governments and International Entities

EvK2Minoprio summarizes the history of EvK2Cnr. During its history, the organization has developed projects, received awards, obtained patronage from the Ministries of the Italian Government, Pakistan Government, Nepal Government.

It has been accredited at WMO, UNFCCC, WCRP – Gewex, working with UNEP, UNDP, Mountain Partnership – FAO

Over 200 Research Entities

In the context of the Pyramid International Laboratory alone, collaborations and research studies have been carried out with more than 170 scientific organizations.

Over 100 Companies

More than 100 Italian and international organizations and private companies have accompanied or allowed the realization of scientific, ecological and sustainable development projects, scientific missions in remote environments, mountaineering enterprises.

Scientific Entities

Actelios -Falck Group- Italy
Aga Khan Rural Support Programme – Pakistan
Al-Arfaj Group of Companies – Kuwait
Albert-Ludwigs University, Faculty of Forest and Environment – Germany
Alpine Club of Pakistan
Association “Amici di Lorenzo” – Italia
Ambientalist Association “L’ Umana Dimora” – Italia
CESVI – Italia
Climate Prediction Program for the Americas (CPPA) NOAA Climate Program Office, Silver Spring,
Maryland, MD – USA
NCAR/Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) – USA
CNES, Service DORIS – France
CNR – Bioimages and Molecular Physiology Institute – Italy
CNR – Inorganic and Surface Chemistry Institute – Italy
CNR – Chemical Methodologies Institute – Italy
CNR – Institute for Research on Water – Italy
CNR – Atmosphere and Climate Science Institute – Italy
CNR – Marine Science Institute – Italy
CNR – Institute for Studies on Intelligent Systems for Automation  – Italy
CNR – Institute for Electromagnetic Detection of the Environment – Italy
CNR – Institute for
Coastal Marine Environment – Italy
CNR – Institute for Dynamics of Environmental Processes – Italy
CNR – Institute for Ecosystem Studies – Italy
CNR – Institute for Air Pollution – Italy
CNRS, Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysics of the Environment – Grenoble, France
CNRS, Physical Meteorology Laboratory – Clermont-Ferrand, France
Italian Glaciological Committee – Italy
National Research Council – Italy
Department of Geography, College of Science, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID – USA
Department of Hydrology and Meteorology – Nepal
Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation – Nepal
Environment Public Authority – Kuwait
Erasme Academic Hospital, Department of Cardiology – Belgium
Free University of Brussels, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathophysiology – Belgium
Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Resource, Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Beijing – China
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing – China
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development – Nepal
Italian Institute for Africa and East (ISiAO) – Italy
National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics – Italy
National Institute of Metrological Research – Italy
Karakurum International University, Gilgit – Pakistan
Kathmandu University – Nepal
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research – Kuwait
LSI Lastem – Italy
Manly Hospital, Department of Critical Care, Manly – Australia
Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation – Nepal
Ministry of Environment – Pakistan
Ministry of Environment, Science & Technology – Nepal
Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation – Nepal
Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas – Pakistan
Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs – Pakistan
Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge– UK
Mountain Glacier Protection Organization – Pakistan
NASA Commercial Space Center – Washington D.C., USA
Nepal Academy of Science & Technology – Nepal
NOAA, Surface Radiation Research Branch, Air Resources Laboratory – Boulder, CO, USA
Northern Areas Department of Forests – Pakistan
Pakistan Meteorological Department – Pakistan
Politecnico of Milano – Architecture Department – Italy
Resources Himalaya Foundation – Nepal
Rural Support Programmes Network – Pakistan
Sagarmatha National Park – Nepal
Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee – Nepal
School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne, Melbourne – Australia
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), La Jolla, CA – USA
St-Elisabeth Hospital, Department of Pneumology- Belgium
The World Conservation Union
Tribhuvan University – Nepal
Uganda Wildlife Authority, Kampala – Uganda
United Nations Environment Programme
University of Brescia – Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory and
Environment – Italy
University of Cagliari – Department of Earth Sciences – Italy
University of Ferrara – Department of Respiratory Diseases – Italy
University of Milano –
Vegetable Production Department – Italy
University of Milano –
Department of Earth Sciences “Ardito Desio” – Italy
University of Milano – Department of Biomodical Sciences and Technologies – Italy
University of Milano – Institute of Human Physiology – Italy
University of Milano –
Institute of Physiology and Respiratory Diseases
– Italy
University of Napoli “Federico II” – Department of Arboriculture, Botany and Pathology
Vegetable – Italy
University of Padua – Department of Human Geography – Italy
University of Padua –
Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health – Italy
University of Padua –
Department of Territory and Agro-Forestry Systems – Italy
University of Pavia – Department of Human Geography, Clinical Medicine – Italy
University of Perugia –
Department of Economics, Finance and Statistics – Italy
University of Pisa – Department of Earth Sciences- Italy
University of Siena – Department of Environmental Sciences – Italy
University of Turino – Department of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences – Italy
University of Trieste –
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – Italy
University of Urbino –
Department of Chemical Sciences – Italy
University of Milano “Bicocca” -Department of Territory and Environmental Sciences – Italy
Université “Joseph Fourier”, Grenoble, France
University College London, London – UK
University of Chile, Department of Geophysics, Santiago – Chile
University of Innsbruck – Institute of Zoology and Limnology – Austria
University of Otago, Department of Physiology, Dunedin – New Zealand
University of Sydney, Department of Medicine – Sydney
University of the Witwatersrand – School of Geography, Arch. & Environment Studies – South
University of Tokyo, Department of Civil Engineering – Japan
University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science – Japan
World Meteorological Organization
WWF Nepal
WWF Pakistany 

EvK2Minoprio S.r.l. – SIAVS

Viale Raimondi 54,
Phone: +39 031 6876247
REA: CO – 407550
Share Capital: 28.461,00 euro

Viale Raimondi 54,
Phone: +39 031 6876247
REA: CO – 407550
Share Capital: 28.461,00 euro

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