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Request to use the Pyramid International Laboratory

Are you a researcher?

Do you work for a research center and intend to carry out scientific researches at high altitudes?
Fill out the Research Proposal Form and get in touch with us

Proposal Compilation Guide

1. Each candidate must fill out the downloadable format at the button below: RESEARCH PROPOSAL FORM.

The Expression of interest consists in two sections:

  • Personal Section: information of the applicant and of other possible participants
  • Scientific Section: a brief scientific description of the project, a provisional plan, timelines and the case of the partnership.
    Proposals must include a concise CV of the main experimenter.

Please send your Expression of interest and your CV to the following email address:

Any request for information you may need before sending the proposal can be addressed to the same email.

2. Once the proposal has been submitted, EvK2Minoprio will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the operational details.

Participation costs: the participation costs will be communicated to you in response to the expression of interest.

For further information please read the rules to use the Pyramid Laboratory


EvK2Minoprio invites to submit proposals in order to use the Pyramid Laboratory. There is no deadline for the presentation of the proposals. Find out more on the Pyramid International Laboratory.


The Pyramid International Laboratory is made up of completely separate laboratories. Electricity, Internet, Communication and Security are also insured for accommodation in the Pyramid Lodge.


Read the usage rules of the Pyramid International Laboratory to know how to use it properly.

EvK2Minoprio S.r.l. – SIAVS

Viale Raimondi 54,
Phone: +39 031 6876247
REA: CO – 407550
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Viale Raimondi 54,
Phone: +39 031 6876247
REA: CO – 407550
Share Capital: 28.461,00 euro

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