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The current meteorological and climatic situation on Mount Pumori in Nepal


Mount Pumori, Himalayan watershed

Mount Pumori webcam is installed on the Laboratory central floor  and overlooks the head of the Khumbu Valley. 

The pyramidal shape of the 7150m high Pumori is squared – a “small mountain” if compared to the giants that surround us: Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and Makalu. On its summit we are not exposed yet to an hypoxia as severe as at 1000 or more meters higher, but getting there is not always a simple undertaking and it is always risky in any case. Beyond the crests of Pumori the Tibet plateau stretches as far as the eye can see, where everything changes compared to Nepal: orography, natural environment and anthropization. Himalayas is a collision zone that moves and rises, as the result of the Indian tectonic plate which slips under the Asian one, lifting it. A few meters from the webcam there is the Doris orbitographic system antenna which reports the Pyramid movement in horizontal centimeters towards NE and a few vertical millimeters upwards… per year!

Observing the webcam images we can witness spectacular and picturesque moments, but we can also better understand the climatic dynamics across the Himalayan watershed. Its image is updated every minute.

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